Construction Machinery Business

Sales and rental – Repair and maintenance – Purchase – Export
One-stop service from the new machine to the machine’s life.

Since its establishment in 1973, Sakamoto Sangyo has been a specialized trading company dealing mainly with construction machinery for basic civil engineering works as a distributor and designated service factory of Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. In our own factory, we deliver machines with specifications that meet users’ needs, such as installation of complex attachments and customization for ease of use by operators. We also handle a variety of products and provide after-sales service such as repair and maintenance. We also offer rental services, purchase of used machinery, and trade-in services for new machinery purchases. With our “Customer First” policy, we provide a one-stop service that satisfies our customers from the new machine to the end of the machine’s life.

Sales and Purchase

New Equipment
We handle various cranes, pile drivers, ground improvement machines, earth augers, vibro hammers, generators, and other foundation construction machinery, mainly crawler cranes manufactured by Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. 
Used Equipment
Our staff, who are well versed in the domestic and overseas markets, will take responsibility for assessing your carefully used machines.
We will purchase and sell them at a fair price by utilizing our extensive experience and wide sales network.
The machines we buy are serviced, repaired, painted, and customized as necessary at our service factory before being delivered to users in Japan and overseas.
We also sell parts from domestic and foreign manufacturers, ranging from parts for construction machinery to vehicle parts, engine parts, and special parts. Please feel free to contact us.
Development of special machinery
We develop attachments for foundation work and special machinery to meet the needs of our customers.

Rental and Lease

We mainly provide construction machinery for basic civil engineering works. We offer a wide range of equipment such as Crawler Cranes, Pile Drivers, Soil Stabilizing Machine, Earth Augers, Vibro Hammers, Generators, etc., to meet customers’ needs from one-day rental to long-term lease. We have rental machines not only in Japan but also overseas. Please feel free to contact us for rental, lease, and buyback services for overseas construction.

Main rental equipment

  • Earth auger (manufactured by Sanwa Kizai): single, double and triple shafts, approx. 40 units
  • Crawler cranes (manufactured by Kobelco Construction Machinery, Hitachi, etc.)
  • Pile driver (made by Nippon Sharyo, etc.)
  • Earth drill (Hitachi Sumitomo, etc.)
  • Rough terrain cranes (Kobelco Construction Machinery, etc.)
  • Generators (made by Nippon Sharyo, Denyo, etc.)
  • Cart crane (manufactured by R&B Engineering, etc.)
  • Mini crawler cranes (manufactured by Kobelco Construction Machinery, etc.)


Full support by our own service factory

Since our founding, our service factory has been providing total service for construction machinery with the main pillars of “inspection, maintenance, repair and testing. We have inherited the technology we have cultivated since our founding and maintain a high level of maintenance capability. Our service staff, who are qualified in maintenance and inspection, will provide full support so that you can use your machines with peace of mind.

Periodic inspection and maintenance

We inspect the condition of the machine and perform periodic maintenance such as oil/filter replacement and hydraulic oil replacement. We also perform pre-inspection and maintenance for mobile crane performance inspection, and witness the inspection.

Specified voluntary inspection

Periodic inspections are conducted by qualified personnel.

on-site repair

When a mechanical problem occurs at the site, we will rush to the site to provide emergency treatment and on-site repair.

Temporary storage

We take care of broken machines and machines that need maintenance, and inspect and repair them.


In the late 1970s, we started trading construction machinery mainly in Southeast Asia, where the demand for used construction machinery began to rise.
Since 1980, as an overseas business different from trading, we have been cooperating with Japanese general contractors in a wide range of overseas construction projects, including the procurement of machinery and the dispatch of supervisors and service engineers. We utilize our worldwide network to deliver high quality Japanese construction machinery.

Trade (foreign)

・ Import and export of new and used construction machinery
・ Trilateral trade

Overseas Construction and ODA

・Overseas construction support
(Machinery procurement, rental, buy-back)
・ Guidance on introduction of construction methods in developing countries

Overseas New Regulation Market Development

Support for the development of new sales of domestic products overseas

Other Business

Hotel Business

TOKIO’s HOTEL (Former Ark Hotel Ninety’s)


Real Estate

・Operation (3 buildings in Tokyo)
・Rental (tenants and condominiums)
・Multi-storey parking lot (capacity : 22 cars)